December 5, 2015

To Do List for Christmas and Winter

Hi everyone!

An entry in English for a change, hahah. I just felt like writing something in English so this is the perfect way to do it :-) What have you been doing for past couple of weeks? I've been - not busy this time! - really upset about this ugly and rainy weather and so freaking tired of everything. I hate this time of the year, because it gets dark after 3pm, it's dark when you go to school or to work and when you get home, it's as dark as in the morning... So frustrating, my motivation to blog always gets down when this kind of weather lasts longer than one week. But, only one and half week of school left and then it's going to be my Christmas holiday! Can't really wait for it :D

But, as the title says, I'm going to list some things I'm prepared to do for this Winter and Christmas! So, let's get started. And just so you know, these photos are old ones and mine, nothing's from Internet so yeah!

Wish there would be this kind of sight in the mornings
Yeah, I find this kind of view beautiful and it would be great to have a proper winter here in Finland for a change... It feels like there won't be snow at all, tho.

Wish there would be snow
I think I made myself clear earlier, hahah!

Enjoy some candies 
Yes, I love Marianne candies! I wish someone would buy them for me as a Christmas present or something... It's a bad habit of mine to eat everything at once so I hope I can spare them for later time... What are your favorite Christmas candies by the way? I also love Pätkis and basic Fazer chocolate.

Enjoy your morning and evening hot chocolates and tea
I love to drink hot chocolate on the winter morning, I guess I will enjoy drinking tea as well. If you didn't know, I hated tea at first but I learned to drink it! It's really good for my stomach. Green tea is my favorite.

Try to get an anime feeling back
Yes, I haven't watched any anime series in a long time (except Free!... I started it again on last Monday, lol) and I hope this is going to change. I miss this feeling, I miss my fangirl moments so bad. I need to watch some sport series, I haven't finished watching Haikyuu!!'s first season yet so maybe I'll start with that...

Enjoy watching your Christmas lights when it gets dark
I already have a few light sets in my room, yay! It's so cozy in here.

Have photoshoots and spend time with your best friend and other friends too
If it is a nice weather of course. I also want to spend much time with my boyfriend, I hope we can have some date nights at his place or something. It would be kinda romantic, I guess. I really miss romantic stuff in relationship!

Give some time to the GazettE's live dvds
It's been a while since I have watched their dvds. I really miss them. I miss that exciting feeling while I'm watching their performances; it feels like I've been there myself. And it makes me think about the future: if and when I'm going to see them again. 

Fire/blow candles
I really didn't know which word would be the best so I used these two. But yes, I love candles and that nice, cozy feeling they give me. I need more of them, should go to Ikea and buy a tons of them, hahah.

Spend much time in your favorite leisurewear
I got this leisurewear for a Christmas present last year and ever since then it's been my favorite. Spent my whole last - at least almost - holiday in this :D But it's just so warm and soft, hurr!

Have some parties with your friends and celebrate New Year
Yep, that's what I'm going to do! Hopefully I won't waste that much money on drinking than last year and the year before... 

Enjoy Christmas dinner
I'm waiting for it! It's so nice to spend time with your family and other relatives because it won't be boring. At least I think so :-) My mom and grandma are making the best Christmas food like always! Grandma is going to make mushroom soup for me and Iida, it's my favorite! Ah, I hope it's going to be Christmas soon, lol.

Buy some Christmas presents
I'm poor af but I still wanna buy something for my family, boyfriend and Emma. I guess they won't need that much stuff like when we were kids so I'm going to figure out something nice and useful! I'm in a hurry, hurry, hurryyy... 

And the last thing of this list, visit the Cemetery
It's our tradition to go there at 10pm or even later. It's nice to go there in the late evening because you can see how beautiful the Cemetery really is with all those candles! And every time we go there, I start to miss my grandma and grandpa even more. Yeah... I'm looking forward to it somehow.

I'm also going to sleep late, read and do something crazy even though I don't know what - yet. Let's see what's going to happen! I'm going to be kinda busy next week so I guess I won't be posting that much... But it never knows! Goodnight everyone


  1. Voi kuinka ihana postaus, kivoja juttuja oot koonnut tähän! :-) ♥ Suurimman osan näistä aion ehdottomasti toteuttaa ja oonkin jo toteuttanut. Ihanaa joulunodotusta sulle!

    1. Voi kiitos paljon, kiva kuulla, että tykkäilet! :) <3 Mäkin aion toteuttaa nämä ehdottomasti! Joululomaa vaan odotellessa. Samoin sulle!


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