December 9, 2015

Bought something nice for myself


Hahah, actually, I always buy something nice for myself but yesterday, these little things made me really, really happy! I've been looking for some beautiful rings and which would fit, because my fingers are really thin and that's why almost every ring drops off. It's really annoying. One of these rings is actually a lot bigger so I can't use it much. Maybe I can give it to someone :D Let's see. These were on sale, original price was 8,99e (if I remember correct) and with sale on them, they cost only 3e! I'm so happy I had my eyes open this time because usually I'm a little bit blind when it comes to looking for some nice, new stuff... 

All of them! 
These were probably my favorites, especially the one in the middle :-)
The little ones!

Which one is your favorite or were they not your taste? I'm probably going to use them much starting from today :D But I guess that's okay.
Tomorrow's the last school day of this week, whiup! I'm having a test: we are going to cut our customer's hair without teacher's help. It's nice but at the same time I'm stressing it out so much... My mom promised to be my customer, I'm glad I managed to get someone for this test. But yeah, after tomorrow I can call it a Christmas holiday! Even though we have a few school days left on the next week but we are not gonna do anything important, hahah.

Bye bye everyone!

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