August 16, 2015

Pretty phone case, prettier phone


I finally got my new phone case which I ordered from eBay, it took some time before I got it but a few weeks ago I finally received it! My old one was in pretty bad condition, and my boyfriend insisted that I need to buy a new one so... Here we are, hahah. It was kind of hard to find any proper case for my phone because it's just Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus GT-S7580 and almost everything was meant for iPhones and so on. This was my favorite and it was also pretty cheap so I immediately decided to buy it!

Tadaa! I really like the design!

Here you can also see my phone's backgrounds. It's a bad habit of mine to change them so often... But those are my favorites at the moment, so I'm not gonna change them for a while! But what do you think, is that phone case pretty or not? Tell me your opinions!

Just in case, I'm going to show you my yesterday's ootd because I finally managed to look kind of okay. My hair looked good too because one of my classmates did crepe it on Wednesday. I also borrowed a black kimono from Iida, I totally fell in love with it I want to buy a kimono, too!

I'm going to get myself ready now because we are going to celebrate Emma's 21st birthday a little bit earlier because her actual birthday is on Monday. I hope everyone's gonna have fun and everything tonight. Let's see if I can take any proper pictures, hope so, anyways! Bye bye and have a nice weekend you lovely readers  

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