August 10, 2015

one of the highlights of the summer: cruising


Like I promised, I'm ready to show and tell you something about the cruise from July! I went there with my mom and dad and we had so much fun. Last time I was at a cruise was last year with my grandma so it's really been a while. This cruise was only for one day so we switched the ship in the capital of Åland. Ships were Amorella and Viking Grace if you want to know :-) But here are these photos! I hope you enjoy watching them.

Well, what's the main thing of going to a cruise? Drinking.

Some lovely views. It was pretty cold outside, hyrr.

I don't even remember when was the last time I was visiting in Amorella so we took a little journey around the ship. I don't know if something's been renovated but Amorella seemed to be pretty cozy and simple. I'm happy that their selection of candies and booze was way more better than in Viking Grace.

Food was so damn good! Especially dessert *u*

Our purchases! I didn't buy much for myself but I decided to spoil myself a little and bought something from Victoria's Secret! I was looking for a new perfume but didn't find anything... I want to buy Anna Sui's perfume next time but they didn't have it so I'm going to buy it from Wiklund someday! All in all, this one day trip was nice and I enjoyed it a lot. Can't wait to go to a cruise again! 

Yesterday I was attending to a wedding with my boyfriend and we had a lots of fun! Didn't take any pictures because I was having so much fun (which is pretty odd because I really don't like these kind of formal ceremonies, like I said before)! So, therefore I'm going to show you my party look from 1st of August when we had a little party at Iida's and Santeri's place:


Tomorrow is the last day of my summer holiday, booooo. Well, I guess it's ok to wake up early and do something more important than reading and lagging around, hahah. So, bye bye and good night!

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