August 6, 2015



I promised to show you guys my current nails and here they are :-) It took me some time to edit these photos but I managed to do it, yay me! At first I thought that summery like nails would be an excellent choice so I picked up some colors: orange, hale pink and yellow and I wanted to add some glitter along, too. But then I decided to have dark nails even though they aren't summery at all. But what do you guys think? I haven't tested that reddish glitter before so I chose it! I like them a lot but at the moment they have grown very much and I should be getting new ones in this month, maybe after two weeks ^^

I've been pretty busy this week even though it's only Wednesday... I have so much to do and this is my last week of my summer holiday, ugh. Somehow I'm happy that I can go to school again but then again... I'd like to sleep the rest of my life, hahah. And on Saturday I'm going to attend to a wedding and I'm super nervous about it... It's because I'm going to see my boyfriend's family and other relatives, yaiks! And I don't have anything to wear, I'm in a dead-end, ugh. I also hate these kind of formal ceremonies. 

Anyhow, have a nice day!

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