August 27, 2015



It was already a time to get new nails and somehow, I've been so out of ideas lately. I think so many designs and stuff but then I leave all of them behind because I think they are boring or something. Now was the same thing but in the end, I'm so happy they turned out this way! I wanted to have lilac and some glitter along and this is the way they turned out (I'm sorry, the quality is awful but I have no proper camera here atm...):

They are pretty girly, and I love it! How about you, what do you think about them? ^^ I think Iida is so talented and kind because she is always ready to do nails for me and fix them if something goes wrong too early. These are by the way pretty similar to the ones I had couple of years ago, you can check them here! We will see what kind of nails I'm going to have next :-) I thought that something which is related to autumn because it's September soon... Or something the GazettE related again! I really can't decide. 

I haven't felt myself that good lately, I'm so stressed about school and everything which is making me feel even more tired and frustrated... At the moment I'm listening to the GazettE's new album, DOGMA, and the fact that I can't order it yet makes me even sadder. It's just way too expensive but I really want it. This album is pure perfection! I don't know if there's any full versions of the songs in Youtube but you can go and check the previews if you're interested! I recommend the album so much.

I have one clothing I want to present to you but not until I get the perfect photos of it. I'm in love with it and I'm sure you will like it, too! I hope Iida is ready to take some photo material of me someday next week, hahah. Until then, bye bye!

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