December 6, 2012

got the inspiration again

Hello everyone!

I suddenly got the feeling that I want to write something in English even though I'm not very good at it. but maybe this is the best way to try to practice my English skills :') and I also have my finals of English in next March so I need to practice and so on. But yeah, I want to share some pictures which are from tumblr because they are so pretty and they brought me some inspiration about fashion - if it is the right term to describe everything. I've fallen in love with pastel shades, creepers, different kind of hair colors and so on, so take a look and tell me if there's something you like about them too *U*

That outfit... pureness ;__;

Am I the only one who thinks that bruises are beautiful in some way?

I really wanna have these ;__; They are so perfect!

That hair color is perfect. and I'd like to have her face. she's so beautiful ;u;

but yeah, was there anything you liked the most? n__n I can't say which picture is the best one because I'd like to have all of those clothes, hair styles and shoes. I need something new to my wardrobe! but no money, no funny... argh T__T

This day, 5.12, was quite nice. I had only two hours of school and it wasn't bad at all. and yesterday I was so mad because I FUCKING HATE BUSES! The one that supposed to be at my bus stop at 8.30 was over 40 minutes late and I fucking froze outside. it wasn't funny at all. I almost collapsed because it was too cold and I couldn't breathe properly. and I missed my English class... I told my English teacher what happened and he understood my situation perfectly. Ah, I was so happy that he didn't put the unauthorized absence. but in the end I went to school, only for an art lesson. the day wasn't long, and I'm happy about it. After school I went to Iida's and Santeri's place and had super fun time! we watched The Dictator and it was very weird movie but not so bad though :-D I simply love Sacha Baron Cohen ♥ 

Tomorrow is the day off because it's Independence Day of Finland! I'm going to watch Tuntematon sotilas from TV as always and spend some time with my family :') I'll take some photos and write a proper blog post here in this week, so stay tuned! and I will tell about my last weekend when I was at the cinema with Emma and we watched Rise of the Guardians ( which was so incredible! I fell in love with it )! I have some pictures in my camera so I will put them here anyway n__n

bye bye everyone n__n And sorry if there's too much mistakes ;-; 


  1. Meillä on aika sama maku tällä hetkellä XD ja hei, mun enkku on ihan kauheeta mutta annan mennä vaan. Nyt kun ne mun kuvat hävisi ja kävin joka postauksen läpi kuvia lisäillen niin voi jessus mitä virheitä löysin :DD
    Mun mielestä mustelmat on kauniita paitsi silloin jos joku on ihan kunnolla turpaan saanut ja oot varmaan samaa mieltä~
    Ihastuin näihin hiuskuviin koska nyt ikävöin mun punaista tukkaa taas ;__;

    1. Aika monet tykkäävät tämänlaisesta tyylistä nykyään! Muistan, kun mulla oli tuonkaltaisia vaatteita, Creepersit ja maiharit niin silloin ne oli niiiiiiin noloja :D Nykyään lähes kaikilla on sellaiset haha.

      Mä osaan englantia ihan hyvin, mutta kyllä mulle tulee aika paljon joitain virheitä :< Mutta tällä tavalla se kirjoittaminen sitten onneksi paranee! :> Toivon vain, ettei tässä tekstissä ollut niin häiritseviä virheitä.

      Oon samaa mieltä mustelmista! Noiden kuvien tapaiset mustelmat on kauniita, mutta jotkut sen sijaan eivät.


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